Aim to Please

Some of the best products are conceived when someone finds a need and fills it .

Gentlemen: You go out one evening and have a few beers. You arrive home at about midnight, go to sleep and about 2 a.m., nature calls. You get up head for the bathroom, a bit groggy with no overhead lights.

To be as delicate as I can since the ladies are listening…let’s just say your aim is not always perfect. A few hours later, your wife, mother, sister or significant other goes to the bathroom and is not a “happy camper.”

Maybe that’s not exactly the way Bill Bradford of Burleson, Texas conceived his Johnny Light, but as a husband and father of three daughters, the engineer-inventor perceived a need and pushed forward.

More than a decade later, millions of women are grateful , since his little plastic device containing a small green LED bulb, and gravity switch which attaches to the back of the toilet seat has saved countless women from late night embarrassing splashdowns. AND along the way a lot males of all ages have learned about gender respect in the bathroom. When a gentleman lifts up the toilet seat the toilet bowl shines green and when the puts the seat down the green light turns off.

Bill struggled for years, selling the product from the trunk of his car at women’s conventions with a strong media relations effort. Thanks to a lot of word-of-mouth, has his product in more than 1,000 Home Improvement Stores. He fondly calls the Johnny Light a “domestic harmony commode-ity,” contending that it’s cheaper than a marriage counselor.

Moral of the story: Believe in your dream, envision success and dedicate your energies to a positive outcome.

And today a “bonus” moral: Always aim to please and others will be pleased with your aim.

I’m Professor Bruce. Thank you for listening.