Recently, I was listening to Reid Hoffman’s podcast, Masters of Scale. On this particular episode, his guest was Howard Schultz – the man that scaled up Starbucks into the company and brand we know. He is now Chairman and former CEO of the Company.

Howard was discussing his ideas around philanthropy and social good in business. His clarity of communication is astounding, and so is what he said during this interview. So much so – that it caused a major shift in my thinking.

Here’s a link the podcast episode:

“Howard Schultz has always been one step ahead of the social impact curve” – Reid Hoffman

What struck me most from this segment was the idea that we, as startup or early stage entrepreneurs, should always plan to engineer social good into our business model from the very start. Most of us seem to say, “I’ll wait until we are bigger, have more revenue coming in and then we’ll start giving to charities.”

With that, I made a major decision to build into our GrowYourPodcast podcast distribution platform a donation strategy.

Simply, 2% of all top line subscription revenues that come into our GrowYourPodcastsubscription will help to wipe out medical debt for families across America.

The non-profit is

Having just met with EVP and Co-Founder Jerry Ashton at their NYC offices, I can tell you they are doing unbelievable work, having abolished more than $120,000,000 in medical debt so far.

Here’s a note and update I just received from Jerry just this morning, as they continue to blaze the trail…

“Being included in Town & Country’s Top 50 Philanthropists of 2018 is an honor that Craig Antico and I would never have imagined. It is a testament to all the people on the RIP Medical Debt team, to our business partners and especially to our donors who make it all possible.”   Here’s the link:
– Jerry Ashton, EVP and Co-Founder, RIP Medical Debt

My initial goal is to abolish $1,000,000 in medical debt though the donations from our subscription revenues from our GrowYourPodcast platform.

You can learn more about GrowYourPodcast and also about RIP Medical Debt here:

There are two media videos from Jon Oliver and Lester Holt covering their organization and the work they do.


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