James R. Nowlin is a millennial, a near death drowning accident survivor, a first generation college graduate, and a self made millionaire.

Humbled by triumph AND tragedy, James went through three years of self discovery after his accident emerging with the extraordinarily clear realization that, “Purposeful living is the new wealthy. I must master myself and purposefulness daily, and share how to do so with the world.”

As the  founder and CEO of Excel Global Partners (EGP), James leads the corporate consulting firm,

navigating corporations, nonprofits and government agencies through change.

Clients include General Motors, Xerox, G.E., Panasonic, AT&T, The U.S. Library of Congress, Metropolitan Community College, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, The Harris Foundation, and more.

His best-selling book,  The Purposeful Millionaire: 52 Rules for Creating a Life of Wealth and Happiness Now, is both a toolkit for professional excellence and for personal self-mastery.