If you have the time, it is possible to improve your Web site without hiring an SEO specialist to help you.

To start, look at your site and ask yourself if you are providing value. As soon as site visitors arrive on your Home page, do you answer their questions and provide a solution to their problems?

If not, add articles, links to resources, contact information, and other key data that is important to potential customers. Focus on the benefits you offer your customers.

Next, use free sites like KeyWordDiscovery, http://www.keyworddiscovery.com, and WordTracker, http://www.wordtracker.com to find appropriate keywords.

What words are people searching for online to find products and services like yours? Make a list, and add these keywords throughout your site, using three to four keywords per page, three times each.

Next, add a title tag no longer than 60 characters and a description tag no longer than 175 characters to your Web site coding. To see samples of how this is done, simply visit sites online, and click on View then Source in your menu. You’ll see the title and description tags at the beginning of the site’s coding.

As a new entrepreneur with a limited budget, you can do your own search engine optimization and improve your site’s popularity, but it does take quite a bit of time and effort. You need to know what your customers are looking for, be aware of what your competition is doing and update your site regularly.

It all comes down to providing value and giving site visitors what they want. And as soon as your business grows, you can hand this important work over to a professional and concentrate on your core business activities.