Brand Elevation! with the Brand Ascension Group

By David Wolf / September 11, 2009

How to Make Your Business Brand Recession Resistant

How many of you are conscious of the state of our current economy? How many of you have started tightening the purse strings to prepare for rising prices, slow sales, and a tough ride ahead? Listen to this podcast for some insightful ideas on recession resistance!

By David Wolf / September 11, 2009

Does Your Brand Have Backbone?

How strong of a stance does your brand have? Does your brand take a specific position in how it behaves, treats the customer, manages it’s staff, approaches decisions? And does everyone in the organization live that position, passionately and consistently? Find out how employees can be holding your brand back from achieving your success potential.

By David Wolf / September 10, 2009

Myth: Branding Is Marketing…Discover The Real TRUTH!

The terms ‘branding’ and ‘marketing’ are often grossly mistaken as one in the same. When the true differences are defined and understood, a business can capitalize on the unique strategies of both. Find out these unique but complimental differences and how it will affect your bottom line!