By David Wolf / August 10, 2009

Larry Connors: Connors Research

Joining us on this edition is Larry Connors-he’s the CEO and founder of Connors Research. The company is a financial markets research company that owns a proprietary, core database of over 8.4 million equity trades-a unique repository of data on short-term market behavior that underlies all of their products, informs their models and methodologies to give equity traders a professional edge.

By David Wolf / June 29, 2009

Jason Beans: Rising Medical Solutions, Inc.

Jason Beans is the Co-Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Rising Medical Solutions, Inc. (Rising). With a desire to impact every person in the US by revolutionizing healthcare, Beans has led his Company to becoming one of the Country’s top growth private companies as rated by the Private Company Index (PCI).

By David Wolf / June 28, 2009

James Mauch: Tenmast Software

On this edition we’re joined by James Mauch. He’s the President of Tenmast Software—— the company is an established leader in providing software, data management services, and expert training to the public housing industry. Tenmast is, of course a top growth company as rated on the Entrex Private Company Index.

By David Wolf / May 24, 2009

Found Money with Steve Wilkinghoff

Our guest on this segment says the vast majority of business owners don’t really understand their financial information—and what their financial statements are capable of telling them.

Steve Wilkinghoff
is a Chartered Accountant who has worked with hundreds of businesses over the last 15 years. The vast majority of his career has been spent helping small business owners understand and improve their business, and in the process improve their lives. He’s the author of Found Money—Simple Strategies for Uncovering the
Hidden Profit and Cash Flow in Your Business…

By David Wolf / May 24, 2009

Stephen Watkins: Entrex and the Private Company Index

Stephen H. Watkins is the Chairman and CEO of Entrex and co-founder of the Private Company Index. As an entrepreneur leading numerous ventures from conception through exit his growth capital raises forced him to regularly tread the inefficient and unstructured path private companies generally follow in the search for exposure and credibility to the capital markets and significant investment dollars.

By David Wolf / May 23, 2009

David Timlin: Yakety Yak Wireless

Dave Timlin says there is a paradigm shift occurring in the wireless industry. He’s the CEO of Yakety Yak Wireless and has a unique perspective on the industry and where it’s heading.

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