Even small businesses can benefit from telecommuting.

When you think of this concept, you may imagine a large company that hires people from all over the world. They work from home and teleconference in for important meetings.

While this picture happens all of the time, small companies can also utilize telecommuting.

While more than 124 million people work from home at least part-time according to some studies, the majority of those work in larger companies that employ at least 100 workers.

Smaller organizations may want to look at how this idea can benefit them and how they can make it work to capitalize on the growing trend.

The Benefits

The biggest benefit for most small businesses is that they can hire the best staff. They may not be able to afford the biggest benefits package, but allowing more flexibility with staff will make up for not carrying other benefits.

It also enables them to search outside their local area for the most talented people.

Companies that allow employees to work from home also typically have happier, more loyal staff. These people don’t want to give up the benefit to find another job unless it promises the same type of schedule.

Studies show that allowing part-time telecommuting is just as beneficial as full-time. Even one or two days working at home each week has a big impact on a person’s attitude and efficiency.

The Challenges

Setting up telecommuting for staff is not without its challenges.

The biggest one may be maintaining communication with those who are in the office or working in their own homes. Employees shouldn’t be isolated or cut off from other employees or access to information.

As the following article shows, think about how business phone systems can help make telecommuting work.

With VoIP, it is easy to connect into the office and talk to staff or even customers as if you were there.

When your employee uses a business phone and connects into the company phone system, no one on the other end of the line will know that he or she is working from home.

Employees can answer the phone, call in for meetings or be part of conference calls as if they were sitting in the next office instead of miles away at home.

It also allows them to access information from files and documents without having to wait for someone to send them the data in emails.

In fact, with these business phone systems, no one will be able to tell who is working in the office and who is working from elsewhere.

Efficiency increases with the right phone system and people are more productive while still enjoying the relaxed environment and convenience of being at home. Employees are available at a moment’s notice as if they were in the same building.

Companies of all sizes can benefit from telecommuting.

With modern phone systems, it is affordable and efficient for businesses to make the transition with more of the positions in the company.

Studies show that telecommuting is on the rise. It’s time that companies of all sizes take advantage.

About the Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including business and technology.