About Firehost

FireHost is a leading Secure Web Hosting company, providing premium managed hosting solutions that combat today’s unique web security threats. Web developers, designers, interactive marketing agencies, and the businesses they serve can trust that FireHost delivers secure enterprise-level hosting solutions at affordable rates.

The company was founded by Chris Drake in 2005 when he saw a need in the market for higher levels of security and protection that other hosting companies simply were not offering. Drake was also the founder of and partner in a web development and online marketing and advertising company, Target Scope, which oversaw hundreds of websites containing critical data, applications and ecommerce.

After seeing time and again that clients were not adequately protected from the continual onslaught of new hacker threats, viruses and other malicious cybercrime activity, Drake merged the two companies and began offering hosting services backed by developer expertise to address the ongoing security and performance needs of the market.

FireHost is now recognized as one of the only Secure Web Hosting companies that addresses the advanced security needs for business.