Joining us in this segment from their Exhib-it! Headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is author and trade show marketing expert, DJ Heckes—
guiding our discussion:

1. You’ve been in the Trade Show Marketing space for a quite a while. How has the business changed since you started?
2. Why write a book about Marketing?
3. Why did you choose the LEFT/RIGHT brain model to describe all the elements of marketing?
4. How is the book structured? Tell us about the stages of business you mention in the book.
5. Why did you include a discussion about leadership in the context of a book about marketing?
6. There are many channels available for the small business owner to engage in marketing activities—-online, offline, social media for example. How do you suggest a busy small business owner manage the balance of all the facets of marketing?
7. In the book, you’ve included a discussion about personality types. Why is it so important for business owners to understand their prospects and customers individually?
8. In the book, you re-iterate the 4 P’s of marketing—and then you add three more P’s. What are they and why did you add them?
9. How do you recommend business owners use social media in the context of trade show marketing?

The book is full BRAIN marketing-for the small business Look for it at Amazon and on audio book and e-book at all the major online retailers.