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Damion Lupo joins host David Wolf to share his insights about our relationship to our money and how he transforms people’s lives.

Damion Lupo Rebuilt his wealth in 24 months. Today he runs an Austin based FinTech dedicated to Disrupting Wall Street by getting people off the Wall Street Roller Coaster creating a new batch of the 1%’ers – 3 million Americans in control of their money and confident about their financial future.

An entrepreneur at heart, first business at age 11, started 30 more since. Founder of his own martial art, Yokido ™, and holder of 3 other black belts.

Damion paid for his first rental house with a VISA, bought 150 houses in 7 states over next 5 years and then went through a $20,000,000 meltdown in 2008.

Damion has written 5 books with two more being released in 2017.