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Our guest on this segment  is the  Managing Partner of

The Catalyst Consulting Group, LLC – an advisory firm that helps companies grow, improve their performance, and address their HR/organizational issues.  Ronald Recardo has more thirty years of experience as both a corporate executive working with over 140 global clients in the manufacturing, high tech, financial services, life sciences, healthcare, and services industries.

He’s also the author of more than 60+ articles and 8 books and is an in demand keynote speaker.  

He’s quoted and interviewed by many of familiar and prestigious publications such as “Associated Press”, “Harvard Business Review”,  “Industry Week”, “US News & World Report”, “MSNBC” and “CBS News” and appears regularly on  television/radio shows like the “Big Biz Show” and “Business Talk with Jim Campbell”.  

Joining us on the line from his offices in Shelton, CT is Ronald Recardo – welcome to the program.