Here are some of the questions guiding the discussion—

1. You mention that you’re in sales and marketing market research- with the changes in the economy over the last few years, what are some of the primary changes and differences you are seeing in the market?

2. You mention now that there’s a distinction between traditional lead generation vs. what you refer to as “demand creation”. Can you explain that concept further?

3. So how do companies go about getting the information they need, in order to do demand generation?

4. How can companies uncover some of this information?

5. You also say that selling is now a two-step process- can you elaborate?

6. I know Verity also has a focus on win-loss sales analysis- what are the primary reasons you’re seeing for companies not winning sales in the current economy?

7. Where do sales training vendors play into today’s market? Are they changing in response to the increasingly difficult sales environment their customers are facing? What is their advice and has it changed in light of the economy?

8. What other trends are you seeing?