Dr. Shoshanna presently offers a series of talks and workshops on Fearless Relationships, and on Becoming Fearless and Creating Authentic Peace of Mind.

She joins us on the line from the Enlightened Living Institute, Dr, Shoshanna, here are the questions guiding our discussion:

1. As you work with individuals, or speak with groups right now, we’re together in mid 2010-what is the zeitgeist out there-what are people’s fears right now?

2. One of your books of course is entitled, “Fearless” When you talk about moving toward a fearless approach to life-what might that look like?

3. Since so many or our listeners are business owners or entrepreneurs-what are some of the themes you work with that may be helpful to them as they do this courageous thing everyday that we call small business!

4. Another of your books is called, Zen Miracles-tell us about this. What is a Zen Miracle?

5. Coming to peace with loss and change. How do you approach working on this, and what are some of the key themes we can point to?

6. I wanted to spotlight the work you do around the practice of meditation. In someone’s life and in their professional endeavors-how is the practice of meditation transformational?

7. You are doing talks, workshops and trainings-Tell us about the work you’re doing right now at the Enlightened Living Institute, who you’re working with in terms of your clients.

8. How can our listeners can learn more about the work you’re doing?