A technology veteran, successful entrepreneur and radio broadcast personality Chris started his career in the technology industry in the late 80’s as a computer consultant, focusing on removing points of failure, minimizing redundant tasks, and increasing efficiency through the introduction of technology solutions for both small and big businesses. Chris has architected solutions for some of the biggest names in the technology and other industries. Companies including Microsoft, Xerox, Time Warner, Harvard Business School Publishing (Ideas at Work), Clear Channel, Jones Radio and more. Over the years Chris has been the driving force behind a number of ground breaking and innovative technology companies, including Seattle based New Media Broadcasting, an early leader in interactive Web casting and his current company Nakea, Inc.

In 1993 the number one talk radio station in Seattle, Washington, convinced Chris to produce and host a show on cutting edge technology. The success of that show led to a statewide (WA) and ultimately a nationally syndicated radio talk show on technology issues with emphasis on the Internet. Chris remains connected to his radio roots and occasionally consults some of the most recognized personalities and entities in talk radio. In 2006, Chris introduced the Nakea Site Manager platform to radio giants, Jones Radio, Clear Channel Radio and Media Syndication Services, which the group used for a large (one-of-a-kind) national talk radio contest.

Here are some of the questions guiding our discussion:

1. How did the idea to create a new, more efficient turnkey DIY solution for website creation and management come about?
2. I know your company is in a rapid growth cycle. Is there a typical type or size of of business that uses the platform, or does it run the gambit?
3. From what I’ve seen and used, this is quite a lot of value you are delivering. Give us a sense of the pricing model—
4. Let’s take a tour of the Nakea Site Manager, the essential features and get a sense of how it works.
5. I know you’ve just released a new version of the Nakea Site Manager. I’m curious—are there additional features that you’re envisioning that we can look forward to down the road?
6. Give us a sense of your vision for your Company’‘s growth trajectory. What might Nakea look like 3,5,7 or 10 years downstream?