Easy On Hold: Real Marketing

A strategically written, professionally produced ad on-hold message reduces hang-ups, but can do so much more. Give callers the information you want them to have. Easy On Hold Messages can help you transform a wasted advertising opportunity into a positive experience for the caller.
Use Your Music and Message On-Hold to Build a Relationship with Your Customer

You have a captive audience, a prospect or customer calling to discuss doing business with you. Don’t waste the time he waits for you to come on the line playing sleepy music, a radio station’s tunes complete with commercials or boring silence. Use that time to tell and sell. Music on-hold ads can give the customer valuable information about your product or service and ultimately influence their buying decision.
Ads On-Hold Can Enhance Your Company’s Image

Ads on-hold messages can make small companies sound big. And they can make big companies sound friendly. Whatever your objective, we can customize a message that projects the image you want for your business. We’ll coordinate the right information, voice and music in a way that benefits your business every time a call is placed on hold.
A Little About Us
We Know What Works

Easy On Hold has been in business since 1997. We enjoy living and working in the Portage and Kalamazoo MI area. In that time, we’ve created thousands of music on-hold messages for satisfied customers in North America and abroad. Easy on Hold provides Music On Hold, Message On Hold custom productions, to reduce hang-ups and impress callers.

Try our free custom music on hold demo service. We provide scripts and voiceovers and royalty free music on hold backgrounds, as well as messages on-hold equipment, on hold music players, marketing help, and personal assistance to help implement messaging for most phone systems. Read “Music On Hold Customers Sound Off” – comments from actual customers in .pdf format.
Marketing/PR Team Founded Easy On Hold

Easy On Hold was founded by professionals in the marketing and advertising field who believe in the power of the spoken word. Our writers, producers and announcers know what works and will help your business build stronger, more profitable relationships with your target audience-callers who need your products and services. Trust Easy On Hold to create effective, custom music on hold messages for you.

Read About Easy On Hold as published in About.com.
Easy On Hold Ranked as Top Media Production Firm

Easy On Hold is ranked among “Top Sites in Media Production” by Alexa.com the site owned by Alexa Internet, Inc. (a subsidiary company of Amazon.com that provides information on web traffic. Alexa has been tracking EasyOnHold.com since April 25, 2000. Easy On Hold is highly regarded as a quality firm.
What Makes Easy On Hold Different?

Hear your actual production before you buy.
No long-term contract required.
All ASCAPBMI music licensing included.