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By David Wolf / July 12, 2015

11Online: Content Driven Business Models That Work

Content is much like SEO. And, content driven specific business models are proven to work well on the web. Eric DebelakĀ is a graduate of St. Olaf College. He is a polyglot and has studied Russian, ancient Greek, and German. After living in Russia from…

By David Wolf / May 30, 2015

VOIP with Ari Rabban of

Ari Rabban, an IP communications industry veteran, is the CEO and Co-founder of, the new offering a suite of innovative Internet-based communication services for small businesses, home, and mobile professionals. In his current role, Rabban is responsible for the overall management and direction of the company.
With specific expertise in the start-up environment, moving companies from concept to operation, Rabban joins from Pulver Ventures, an incubator for new IT companies, where he served as managing director and vice president

By David Wolf / May 20, 2015

Steve Roderick: Goto Billing

It all started in a garage with an idea to make small business billing easier, more efficient and greener. Steve Roderick is the co-founder of—the company set out with that vision in 2006 and has recently reported a 300% growth achieved mostly with word-of mouth marketing.

By David Wolf / May 16, 2015

Self Publishing with

Our guest on this edition created a new way for self-published authors to sell their books and for readers looking for self-published authors to find them more easily. Jill Exler is the founder of—a new, affordable solution for both sides of the market.

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