As an entrepreneur, it can be enticing to throw up a Web site, spend money on online advertising or send out a press release to try to increase site visitors as quickly as possible. But before posting a site and starting any marketing or PR activities, it’s important to have a plan of action.

First, you need to figure out what your customers want and how you can answer their questions on your site. Then, you need to update your site so that it is user friendly, easy to find by the search engines and most important, provides value.

Once you have a good site free of mistakes, then it’s time to create tactics and marketing strategies that focus on your target market. And your plan may include using social media like blogs, online forums, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others. Or it may involve posting articles, search engine optimization, working with affiliates, Pay-Per-Click campaigns, press releases, or a combination of these and other activities.

The point is to prepare an action plan for your Web site with the results you hope to obtain from each marketing or promotional activity in advance. This way, you can set goals, save time and money, and get the best site results possible.