Launched in 1998, Constant Contact, Inc. with their leading email marketing and survey tools, helps small businesses, associations, and nonprofits connect and build successful, long lasting relationships with their customers, clients, and members.

Here are some of the questions that guided this segment with Mr. Groves:

1. You’ve been with Constant Contact since 2001. How has the email marketing space evolved since you first started in this space?

2. I know you travel around the world for various speaking engagements. What are you hearing in terms of the challenges small businesses owners are facing today in the area of email marketing?

3. What is Constant Contact?

4. What specific elements should a campaign include?

5. Are their particular email marketing FORMATS or tips you can share—-that tend to help increase open rates and conversions?

6. What can small businesses do to make the final quarter success and to prepare for the holiday season?

7. How does Constant Contact coach customers about the matter of integrating the various social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?

8. Any other advice for small businesses looking to impress and delight their customers

9. Where do small businesses go if they want to learn more?