What is Authors Digital?

We help authors produce and distribute their titles as audiobooks and ebooks.
Why should I release my book in a Digital Format?

Right now, the market for downloadable media is growing exponentially.Offering your title in audio-book or e-book exposes you to a whole new customer base and creates opportunities for additional sales.
What’s unique about producing an audiobook with Authors Digital?

* With our remote recording studio, we can travel to the author to record them reading their book.
* Our rates are based on the project, not on studio time.
* We work with experienced distributors so you can be assured you title will be properly placed and that you will be paid.
* We have produced audio for film, radio and television for more than 25 years. You’re in experienced hands.

Where do I start?

Contact me at smallbizamerica@gmail.com or 505.610.0249 and I’ll walk you through the process, production and distribution options available.