Live from the floor of InfusionCon 2010, my chat with Dustin Lunt, founder of Marketing Mavens. The company helps InfusionSoft users learn to maximize it’s capacity for their business.

Core Activities We Help Clients With Daily…

Strategic Consulting

A successful Infusionsoft implementation is founded on the right marketing strategy. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses implementing unique traffic strategies, funnel conversion secrets and the Perfect Customer Lifecycle.


Does your website represent your company appropriately? You won’t get a second chance to make a first impression, especially online. Our clean designs ensure your internet properties are intuitive, user-friendly and wow your visitors.


Apps. Web. API. What do you need help with? Our solutions are US programmed and never outsourced to other teams. You can count on our code being reliable, compliant with current standards and easily adopted by other developers.


Words can be a powerful force when used correctly. Adverts, websites, brochures and emails would be nothing if it wasn’t for the carefully crafted copy that persuades their readers to part with their hard earned cash. Our messaging converts.


Infusionsoft, Membership Sites, Social Media, Evergreen Webinars, Split-Testing, Analytics, Surveys, Video Players and so much more. If you lack the time or technical expertise to execute your plan, we’ll implement the items above for you.


If you build it, they will come. If they come, you will need to manage it. Often times our clients will maintain an ongoing engagement with us in order to manage systems we’ve built, make changes, updates and even launch new projects.