For the past two decades, author Brett Clay, the CEO and founder of the Seattle-based Change Leadership Group, has helped companies implement sales and leadership strategies that led to substantial growth. At the core of his strategic approach he has utilized his trademarked tool, the Change Leadership Framework. The former group product manager at Microsoft Corporation believes that as a salesperson in 2010 and beyond, you need to own ‘change’-not just go with the flow or react to it. You must lead it. “You don’t need change to happen to you -you need to create it,“says Clay. “By harnessing the forces of change one can not only survive, but achieve substantial long-term growth.”

Clay’s book answers each of these key questions:

  • Does your sales force need to change? If so, how?
  • Are you a change leader? If not, how do you become one?
  • Which one of the six change personalities are you?
  • Have you embraced the five disciplines of the Change Leadership Framework?
  • Are you aware of the four forces driving your clients to act (needs, behaviors, strategies, environment)?
  • What causes people to change? How do they decide to change or go about making change?

Selling Change is written for the busy salesperson on the go, presenting 101 secrets that can be conquered one secret per day. Each two-page secret includes a ‘What I Need to Know’ section and a ‘What I Need to Do’area. Steps are shown on how to implement the secret, including an ‘Action Summary’ and an illustrative cartoon that features a bulldog character that was first included in Clay’s earlier book, Forceful Selling.