His career in corporate finance and business management began modestly in 1979 when he managed general sales operations for an auto title service company owned by he and his father. In his early twenties he started an auto rental electronic reservation system. That system grew to become the 8th largest auto rental company in the US. In 1984, after successfully taking that company public, Lovato founded B.H. Capital Limited which is comprised of corporate finance and management consultants, merchant, commercial and investment bankers.

Lovato has extensive management experience in the areas of start-up companies, corporate finance, computer system and software development, international trade development and relations, as well as strategic planning, and sales and marketing development. He has been employed and intricately associated in business management, public relations, national advertising, budgeting, corporate finance, recapitalization of financial institutions, corporate turnarounds, asset-based lending, diversified agricultural companies, automobile industry consulting, travel industry, auto rental and leasing, and management and capitalization of a chartered insurance company.

Formally educated in New Mexico where he now resides, Lovato has founded and developed several nationally recognized companies ranging from local financial firms to international travel and communications-related businesses. His experience in the corporate finance environment has led him to management and control of publicly traded corporations. His expertise in marketing, management, and corporate finance, in addition to numerous international contracts, coupled with his demonstrated successes, offer a diverse alternative resource not often found in the executive marketplace. Lovato has served on the Governor’s Business Advisory Council for two administrations, and serves on several regional and national boards of directors. His merchant banking and business accomplishments have been featured in several national publications.

Lovato’s experience as a publisher with over 500 books to his credit, led him to publish his first book, “The Obstacle Course”, which recounts his experiences during the start-up of his first business, an auto rental electronic reservation system. That system ultimately grew to be the 8th largest auto rental operation, as well as a notable public company of the 1980’s. Packed with lessons learned and practical business advice it is a “must read” for people starting a business, currently running their own business, and executives seeking insight and inspiration.

Lovato is currently reprising his “best practices” structure of his auto rental operation into a new national pre-owned automotive brand AutoStar Superstores. His home nestles in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque, where he lives with his wife Gale of 34 years and their five sighthounds.