He’s a frequent speaker for SCORE, and has recently launched a 100% free of charge 4 day marketing webinar that is designed to introduce entrepreneurs to the proper way to market online, while avoiding the most common profit killing mistakes.

Joining us on the line from his offices in St. Louis, MO to share his insights around meeting the new challenges of online marketing is Chad Weber. Here are some of the questions guiding this segment:

1. You’re a speaker to small businesses through your relationship to the SCORE organization. When you put your ear to the ground at these events-what are small business owners having the most difficulty with right now?

2. What are the 3 biggest mistakes that so many small business owners make when marketing online?

3. We are experiencing a continual seismic shift in all things media, including the way any size business plans and executes marketing strategies and tactics. Where do you see the online world trending right now for 2010, and how can a business owner get ahead of it?

4. Tell us more about online marketing fuel-the training platform you’ve created. Who is this designed for and what can participants expect when they sign up?

5. You’ve mentioned that a small business owner can now get a FREE website and a marketing plan. How and where can they do this?