For today’s self-published author series, we talk to Michigan author Dorothy Pitch. Dorothy wrote “When the Raven Knocks…Comforting Those Who Mourn,” available at

Here are Dorothy’s insights:

Tell us about your self-published book and where we can find it on jexbo.

My self-published book titled, “When the Raven Knocks… Comforting Those Who Mourn,” was written for everyone who has ever lost a loved one or knows someone that has. It is filled with first-person stories, suggestions, prayers, poems, and advice from those who have been there. You can find it on jexbo listed under “Religious Books.”

Why did you decide to self-publish?

I decided to self-publish because I knew this would be the fastest way to get my message out to people in need of compassion, understanding and help.

What was your biggest challenge to overcome in self-publishing your book?

The biggest challenge that I had to overcome in self-publishing this book was the nightmare of my publisher closing down in the middle of the night and going bankrupt on seventy of us self-publishing authors. This was worse than a nightmare because it was reality! The publication company was a member of the Better Business Bureau. I met with him several times before signing a contract; including upfront payments. He seemed honest and legitimate. What more could I have done?

What has been the best part about self-publishing your book?

The best part about self-publishing my book was the fact that I got to meet so many wonderful people during book-signings, and promotional events. I was able to help so many people who were going through terrible tragedies in their lives. The word of my book spread far and wide.

The most memorable “thank you” came from an Amish grandmother who was gifted a copy of my book when her grand-daughter was killed in the horrid Amish school shooting in Pennsylvania. She felt like my book stood out above all the rest that she had received during the tragedy.

What advice do you have for other potential writers and self-published authors?

The advice that I would like to share with other writers and self-publishing authors is to never stop writing. Even while reading other articles or books consider it to be a writing-observation lesson. Write what comes from your heart putting your compassion into written words.

Gather as much information as you possibly can in choosing a publisher. Hopefully, you will never run into the scenario that I did with the publishing company going bankrupt.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Writing and self-publishing a book is much like preparing for a new child in the family. You nourish it for many months, your thoughts are on it continuously, you dream about it, share your excitement with others, and wait in expectation for the great event of a beautiful newly delivered gift. Seeing your name on the cover and reading through the finished product for the very first time is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Thanks for your great tips and inspiration Dorothy. To discover more about Dorothy’s book, visit And if you have questions about self-publishing and selling your books online, please write to me here or at I’m happy to help.