Patrick Whittaker
CEO of Reset Electronics Inc
613-596-5544 ext. 206

Joining us on this edition is Patrick Whittaker—-he’s the CEO of Reset Electronics—-the enterprise is a distributor and wholesaler of electronic components and a top growth company as listed on the Entrex Private Company Index. Reset Electronics was incorporated in November of 1999.

Here are some of the questions guiding this interview segment:

1. Let’s start with your beginnings. How was Reset Electronics first created..and how did you first get into the business?
2. What did the original business model “look like”?
3. Has the business changed over the years?
4. You’ve experienced some impressive growth. How would you explain or describe your ability to grow the Company over its first 10 years?
5. Today, what are the products that you sell?
6. Who are your customers?
7. What does the business look like today in terms of brick and mortor, online and human capital?
8. Tell us about your newest line of energy-efficient lighting, and how you are working with local power and utility companies to promote the idea and the product line.