For today’s self-published-author interview on jexbo, we talk to Bob Wolfe, author of several, self-published books.

Tell us about your self-published books.
I actually have three books self-published with jexbo under the pen name of “WOLF” at;search?query=wolf.

They are in order of publication:

The first book- “Pins and Tickles,” is a series of 18 short stories. The first 12 stories and the last two are pure fiction and take place in various countries that I have lived and worked in. Two of the stories are actual construction stories of two unusual projects in Thailand. One story is a documentation of life in Nigeria and another is a true case in court.

The second book- “…And I Approve This Message,” is narrated by a bottle opener (Me, I came back in my second life as a bottle opener). The bottle opener is bought, sold, stolen, loaned and finds its way around the world following the path of my real life (i.e.: Oklahoma, Indiana, New Jersey, Germany, Thailand, Viet Nam etc.). At each stop, the bottle opener rails against various, pet peeves that I had in my real life. The stops included my thoughts on lawyers, lobbyists, the media, cell phones, commissioners, the wars in Iraq, and other problems. Being dead, I have no fear in writing what I think. Actually, I cover lawyers a few times.

The third book- “Pins, Needles and Thorns,” is fiction and basically covers cheating wives and stupid husbands. The writer has a mental pain that becomes physical as he tries to find out why his life took the path it took. He covers about thirteen or fourteen cases of stupid husbands, and as he remembers his past, the thoughts become his “pins, needles and thorns.” As in the first two books, the end to this story has a twist.

Why did you decide to self publish?
This is easy to answer. Being a new writer, it was difficult to get a publisher to read my manuscripts. Sending an outline of my books did not help since my writing is a little “different”. Even though I had successfully sold a story years ago to “Penthouse, Europe,” it was not enough to consider me as a published author. Self-publishing was my answer.

What was your biggest challenge to overcome in self-publishing your book?
The cost of self-publishing, in my case, was difficult. I bought 100 copies of “Pinks and Tickles” and still have about 40 of them.

What has been the best part about self-publishing your book?
Being told by many people that they love the books, the humor in them. I try to write about almost everything with humor and love it when people call me names for tricking them at the end.

What advice do you have for other potential writers and self-published authors?
I believe that I am too new at it to give much advice and I just love to write. Local newspapers don’t like me too much because I write very often “Letters of the Day.” In fact, the fourth book is underway, and one story in it is copies of all of my “Letters…”

Interesting, Bob. Thanks for your insights and sharing your love for writing. To discover more about Bob’s books, visit;search?query=wolf.

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