For our self-published author series, today, we have a brief chat with Cecile Garcia, author of “In The Company of Elves.” The book has light, adult humor, adventure, fantasy, and romance and can be found on at;search?query=Company+of+Elves . Here’s our interview:

Tell us about your self-published book.

My book is called “In the Company of Elves.” The story begins three months after Melissa’s grandmother has passed away and 25 year-old Melissa and her family inherit her grandmother’s old, English style home built in Silverado Canyon, California.

The house has magical properties, especially in the garden. One day, Melissa goes out into the garden to pick a few vegetables for a sandwich she is making when she comes across a hidden door obscured by vines that have grown over the cobblestone wall in the backyard.

Curiosity gets the best of her, and she begins to tear away some of the vines from the door. She discovers that the lock is unhinged so she opens the door. To her horror, she is sucked through the door and ends up on the other side, in a world unlike her own. A world full of elves, faeries, sorcerers, and a dark, menacing evil bent on destroying the innocent creatures that live in the land of Agartha.

Why did you decide to self-publish?

I have always wanted to self-publish since the early 1990s. But at the time, I didn’t have the funds to invest in publishing my book/books. I self-published with, and they provided easy templates to work with and excellent book covers. I have no complaints or regrets about self-publishing my book. It works for me.

What was your biggest challenge to overcome in self-publishing your book?

Like many other self-published authors, I felt that promoting and selling can be a bit of a challenge.

What has been the best part about self-publishing your book?

The best part is the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in doing what I have always wanted to do in life and that is to write and publish my book.

What advice do you have for other potential writers and self-published authors?

Be sure that you go over your work as many times as you can before publishing it. If you’re on your own editing your work like I was, then update your software and go over your work until you’re satisfied with what you’ve got. It never hurts to be absolutely sure that what you wrote is what you want everyone to read.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes, you can read excerpts from the book on my website at

Thanks for your great insights Cecile, and your book sounds really interesting!

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