For our self-published author series, today, we have a brief chat with John Hinds, author of “What’s In Your Water?” Here’s what John had to say about self-publishing:

Tell us about your self-published book.
My book is called “What’s In Your Water?” In the book, I talk about some of the challenges with bottled water and municipal tap water. I also discuss the pros and cons of the various water purification methods available to consumers. In addition, 10% of the royalties are being donated to WaterAid, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help poor countries in African and Asia secure safe drinking water and sanitation.

Why did I decide to self-publish?
I decided to self-publish my book because I wanted to retain creative control over my material, I wanted to establish my expertise in the water purification industry and I wanted to be able to dictate how soon the book would be available for sale. Also, my profit margins would be higher self-publishing a book as opposed to going to a traditional publishing house.

What was your biggest challenge in self-publishing your book?The biggest challenge for me was figuring out a cost effective way to implement an online distribution system that would allow me to focus my efforts on promoting the book.

What has been the best part about self-publishing your book?The best part about self-publishing my book is that it has opened up so many opportunities for me to receive paid speaking engagements, to spread consumer awareness about the importance of clean water and to help raise money to help WaterAid fulfill its mission. And it helped me generate more sales of water-filtration systems.

What advice would you give to other potential writers and self-published authors?The advice I would give to potential writers and self-published authors is:

– Block off time to write each day – Start building relationships with key people using social media to promote your book BEFORE it comes out for sale – Develop a comprehensive book marketing plan

Is there anything else you would like to add?Yes. I just partnered with Willie Crawford, who is also a self-published author, to create a home study course to assist aspiring authors in their dream of getting their book published in record time. The title of the course is “How to Become a Self-Published Author in 4 Months or Less on a Shoe String Budget.” I use myself as the case study, and we provide people with a comprehensive book marketing plan.

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Great tips and information John. Thanks!

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