Unlike any other wine book, WINE DRINKING FOR INSPIRED THINKING: Uncork Your Creative Juices introduces a “whole brain” creative approach to wine appreciation.

In a delightful step-by-step fashion Gelb guides readers to express their experience of wine in poetic terms. He shows how to do this in a way that makes it easy and fun to share this exploration with family and friends or more formally as an organizational team-building exercise.

Gelb shows how the love of wine inspired the Ancient Greeks, Renaissance Masters and America’s Founding Fathers as he guides you to become part of this enlightened wave of culture. And he illuminates the greatest wine-inspired art, architecture and music.

The book also provides a clear introduction to all the basics of “left hemisphere” practical wine knowledge, including:

  • A confidence-building, user-friendly guide to wine etiquette.
  • Savvy advice on how to purchase fine wines at great prices
  • The WINO Principles: Essential things to remember when matching food and wine
  • The 7 Wine and Food Pairings You Must Experience Before You Die.

Gelb’s hilarious “Wine Geek Jargon Guide” and his thoughtful review of the most useful resources for wine lovers help to make this a powerful consumer guide as well as an unequivocally unique creative approach to wine enjoyment.

This book offers an ideal introduction for novices, and aficionados will discover a new twist to appreciation and enjoyment. All readers will find a wonderful way to bring people together in an inspiring fashion.