After researching ways to publish and sell her own book, Jill Exler realized that there was no service available for self-published authors to sell their books online cost-effectively. The sites that offered book posting services charged fees between 15 – 55% so there was a significant need for a new book outlet for self-publishers.

In addition, readers looking for unique titles in various categories by self-publishers had to conduct tedious Web searches to find what they wanted.

With this in mind, Jill, a book lover herself, created Jexbo, a simple, affordable solution for self published authors and book enthusiasts. Now, self-published authors can list their books online for FREE (they simply pay 5% of whatever the author sells), have access to their own Web site and reach a large audience of buyers.

At the same time, readers can use jexbo to easily find unique, self-published works in numerous categories and communicate directly with the authors.