Prior to joining Helpstream, Bill was a strategic marketing advisor to emerging SaaS companies Right90 and JobVite.

Here are some of the questions that guided this discussion:

1. What is a CRM community?
2. What are the most significant benefits a small businesses can expect to see from implementing a customer community?
3. What are the major advantages from a customer perspective?
4. What is the HelpStream solution and how does it work?
5. In terms of CRM systems like yours—-What did companies need that was not in the market and how is this different?
6. Productivity and efficiency are paramount concepts for most any company. How is Social CRM enabling businesses to make the most out of the resources they have?
7. Can you give examples of small business who have recently implemented a customer community, and the benefits they’ve seen?
8. How can a business quantify the benefits or ROI when they implement a Social CRM Solution?
9. Is there a best-size company to use a Social CRM platform, or are there different benefits depending on the size of an organization?
10. How do you think customer communities will evolve throughout the next year?