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Eric Debelak is a graduate of St. Olaf College. He is a polyglot and has studied Russian, ancient Greek, and German. After living in Russia from 2006-2011, Eric moved to Albuquerque. Having done part-time webwork since 2004, Eric switched to full-time development in 2014 after meeting Josh Garcia and attending Deep Dive Coders. Eric has a background in new product marketing, which informs all of his development and design work, and also teaches web development and design at Central New Mexico Community College.

Joshua T. Garcia is a graduate of Gonzaga University where he studied entrepreneurship, finance, and philosophy. After an enriching college career that included cheerleading, traveling abroad, and even meeting Warren Buffet, Joshua moved back to his hometown of Albuquerque to marry his college sweetheart. Joshua has been involved in coding since 2010, and he began full-time development upon graduating from Deep Dive Coders in 2014. Joshua’s background also includes new venture creation and social entrepreneurship, which aid him in developing business strategies that create the best possible model for his clients’ needs.

Eric and Josh are both musicians. Eric plays the guitar and bass. He has played in groups that do everything from Russian folk music to death metal. Josh loves hip-hop and plays the ukulele. Their love for music and Christopher Guest led them to their name.