Here are some of the questions guiding this segment with Steve:

1. Take us back to 2006—what did those initial discussions look like as you were forming the vision for creating
2. At that starting point—-What was missing in the market space—-the GAP you wanted to fill? How did you want to do this differently?
3. When you talk to small business owners—-what are the top challenges they tell you they’re facing?
4. Let’s take a tour of your company, gotobilling—-what does it look like today interms of human capital, employees, the physical offices and your customers?—-then we can get to the services you provide…
5. OK—let’s shift to the services at——what are your core services and how do they work?
6. Back to the entrepreneurial perspective—-as you began to grow as an organization—-what challenges did you face that might be instructive for our small business listeners?
7. You have started and funded the business entirely without VC or other external sources of capital—-Bootstrapped. Why do you avoid venture capitalists?
8. So—-are you funding growth entirely from cash flows?
9. What’ s on the horizon for gotobilling—what can we expect in terms of the future of the company and your offerings?