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The Truth of Podcast Advertising
By Maya Mahmud / June 8, 2022

The Truth of Podcast Advertising

Truth is, there is money in podcasting. Since Audivita Studios began, our podcast roster has been ever-expanding. Now, we’ve added four new podcasts from Robert Kiyosaki’s enterprise, which sets the stage for the rapid growth of our network.

By David Wolf / June 23, 2016

Is Your Small Business Becoming Too Taxing?

Your small business is likely the culmination of years of hard work, investment, not to mention some challenges too. That said running a small company can be just as difficult if not more so than those overseeing the big players. For one, smaller businesses…

By David Wolf / June 1, 2016

Don’t Waste Time Getting Paid

Keeping your small business financially sound can be a little overwhelming at times. From paying employees (if you run more than a one-person show) to ordering office supplies to meeting office space rent and utilities, it sometimes seems like the bills will never end….

By David Wolf / May 13, 2016

Don’t Think Small When Considering Invoice Factoring

Making sure your small business receives its customer payments on time is critical to the financial success of your company. Stop and think for a moment about where you would be if your customers were paying you whenever they wanted to? For starters, it…

By David Wolf / April 25, 2016

Does Your Small Business Pass the Efficiency Test?

In order for your small business to run like a well-oiled machine, efficiency is a key component. When you have an efficient company, things just seem to naturally fall into place. On the flip side, an inefficient company can be full of landmines, explosives…

By David Wolf / November 5, 2015

Transfer Your Small Business to Better Finances

Like most small business owners, you probably transfer funds on a regular basis. Whether it’s from your business bank account to your personal account or from your business account to outside parties like vendors and suppliers, there are a number of ways to easily…