Truth is, there is money in podcasting. 

Since Audivita Studios began, our podcast roster has been ever-expanding. Currently, we’re the home of 50 shows across many genres like real estate, leadership, world history, tea growing, cloud computing, business finance, human resources, macular degeneration, publishing, music, and many more. 

Now, we’ve added four new podcasts from Robert Kiyosaki’s enterprise, which sets the stage for the rapid growth of our network. We are actively seeking podcasters to join our network, which features robust analytics, the latest social media sharing and integration tools and free hosting for in-house productions.

“The Rich Dad Show, Stockcast, Rich Dad Cryptoverse, and Millennial Money are attracting many new advertisers to our network, which benefits our entire family of podcasters interested in running ads to monetize their work,” says David Wolf, CEO and founder of Audivita Studios. “These are high-performing, high revenue-generating podcasts with more than 15 million listeners and viewers annually.”

 The success of our Rich Dad podcasts has proven that advertisements work to get money in the hands of our podcasters.

In fact, the whole market is soaring. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCooper’s 2021 U.S. Podcast Advertising Revenue Study, podcast ad revenue is growing exponentially. In 2021, ad revenue for podcasters reached 1.4 billion. By 2022, the market is expected to exceed $2 billion. The joint study projected ad revenue will reach $4 billion by 2024. 

According to the podcast ad revenue study, the audio boom is related to overall listener growth and the advancements in how advertisers can place targeted ads with greater specificity.

Are you interested in learning more about how Audivita can make you money from your podcast series? Here are some ways to monetize your show:

1. Dynamic Advertisement Insertions (DAI)

The biggest driver of ad revenue in podcasting today. In 2021, 84% of ads were dynamically inserted. These are programmatic, pre-recorded ads catering to the general public and distributed en masse. While advertisers previously placed ads in podcasts based on topics, new technology allows them to target audiences based on age, gender, and location.

2. Host Read Ad

As the host, you can take just a few moments out of your show to plug a product. It provides a more authentic experience for your audience to connect with the product on a personal level. For example, your audience could access a unique coupon code for your podcast listeners. Host-read ads can still use DAI tech, maintaining its effectiveness and reach.

3. Direct Buy 

Companies like Masterworks run ads on specific dates, for a set price, typically in an exclusive offer. So, for example, a clothing brand may buy space for a Fourth of July sale. 

“Everything right now is aligned to drive growth,” said Chris Bruderle, Interactive Advertising Bureau’s VP of research and insights. 

“There’s more engaging and diverse podcast content than ever, and that is translating into larger, more attractive audiences. But more than anything, podcasting has proven that it can deliver beyond direct-to-consumer advertising to support brand-building and drive business outcomes.”

Your audience is the key. Most advertisers are paying for ads on a CPM basis, in other words, paying per thousand listeners. 

If you have a small but growing audience, don’t worry; you can also run ads and build a monetization strategy. It takes time to develop an audience. Don’t give up! Luckily, podcast listenership is at an all-time high (and keeps growing).

Need more tips? We covered how to promote your podcast in last month’s Audivita News article.  

If you have under 8,000 listeners per episode, small steps can lead to giant leaps

“We place ads into all of our independent shows, even shows generating less than 8,000 streams per episode. It’s an exciting time for our startup podcasters and content creators,” says David Wolf. 

In addition, other opportunities may be available to you while you’re getting off the ground. For example, corporate sponsorship. We have experience building these relationships. If you are interested, call us. We can work with you to find potential sponsors and assist you with developing your pitch deck. 

Certainly, there is evidence of publishers successfully promoting their authors by sponsoring a podcast series. For example, Audivita Studios’ Friends and Fiction Podcast is sponsored by Simon and Shuster, starring New York Times bestselling novelists. The show has been wildly successful. In fact, one of the novelists, Mary Kay Andrews, is currently in her fourth week on the New York Times bestseller list for her novel The Homewreckers!

As you grow your audience, turn those listeners into steady revenue with Audivita’s Advertisement Podcast Network. 

If you have over 8,000 listeners per episode … you’re ready to roll!

As a member of Audivita Studios Podcast Network, we negotiate and manage all advertising insertion orders and billing transactions so you can focus on producing your podcast. Furthermore, we can create ‘baked in’ video sponsor commercials for your YouTube Channel.  

If you are not in our network, we can facilitate a seamless migration to our podcast advertisement network, with absolutely no audience lost along the way. 

The Advertisement Network pays at a very generous rate. Trust us, you’ll be happy. Take advantage of these opportunities to monetize your podcast series. Join Audivita’s Podcast Advertising Network today!

For more information, book a call with one of our team members to discuss how Audivita Studios can monetize your podcast series with advertisement revenue: