Before you start to look for a publisher for your new book, have you thought about self-publishing it yourself? If not, consider these three reasons to self-publish your book:

1. Self-publishing is fast.

By self-publishing your book, you will get it into the market much faster than using a traditional publishing method which may include months of back and forth negotiations. And if you have an e-book, you can post it immediately and start selling!

2. Self-publishing gives you control.

When you self-publish, you maintain control over every aspect of your book. From cover design to typesetting to retail price, you have the power to make changes, monitor sales and work directly with customers.

3. Self-publishing is easy.

Today, it’s very easy to self-publish your book. There are a number of cost-effective, online services to choose from (you can list your self-published book on at no cost, and jexbo takes just 5% of the sales). Plus, there are local and online print shops that have expanded services like bookbinding to help self-published authors print their books.

Self-publishing is a hot trend these days (look at and because it’s a cost-effective way for new writers to market and sell their books quickly… so if you just wrote a book, take a look at your self-publishing options before moving forward with a traditional printer. You may be able to sell more books faster and enjoy the process even more!

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