Dick Stieglitz has experienced the full spectrum of Mergers & Acquisitions in his career. An author and consultant, Dick was an executive in a company that was sold, participated in transactions to buy companies, and built and sold his own company for what experts called a top multiple.

Since he sold his company, Dick now consults with CEOs who are grooming their company to be sold or building it through acquisitions.

In his new book, Expensive Mistakes When Buying & Selling Companies – And How to Avoid Them in Your Deals, Dick shares his insights based on his M&A experiences and includes many interviews with leading investment bankers, and M&A attorneys and CPAs.

Here are some of the questions guiding the discussion:

1. How has the economy affected the M&A market? What’s happening in the market today?

2. Let’s focus on business owners who may be thinking about putting their companies on the market. When should they begin planning their exit strategy?

3. What can they be doing today to maximize their proceeds in an M&A transaction?

4. How does a company go about finding a buyer and getting a fair price?

5. What can make a deal fall apart and how can those things be avoided?