Buying & Selling Your Business

By David Wolf / May 23, 2015

The Franchise Mastermind with Dr. John P. Hayes

John Hayes has worked in the franchise community as a consultant, franchisee and franchisor since 1979. He is the author of several franchise-related books and countless articles that have appeared in media worldwide. Dr. Hayes has served as an advisor to franchisors, franchisees and small business owners internationally. His areas of expertise include management development, marketing, customer service, training, and strategic planning.

By David Wolf / March 17, 2010

Understanding M&A With Dick Stieglitz

Author and M&A expert Dick Stieglitz joins me to discuss the world of M&A, how to price a business for sale, the importance of exit strategies in small business, and related items.

By David Wolf / May 20, 2009

Automating Sales with Clate Mask from Infusionsoft

Our guest on this edition loves to turn small businesses into big business. Clate Mask is the CEO of Infusionsoft—- the “Inc 500 company” is a leader in marketing automation software for small businesses and is now revolutionizing the way small businesses grow. Clate is a pure entrepreneur through and through…

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