A media kit is basically a snapshot of your business, and when media members look at it, they should know what you offer and why you are unique in a matter of seconds.

Now, you’ll see extensive media kits online that include video, audio, photo galleries, links to major press-stories, and more. This can be overwhelming, especially if you are just starting a new business.

But don’t worry. You can start small and enhance your media kit with the appropriate features as your business grows.

Just keep it simple, and include basic and current information you want press members to know about such as: the background of your business, bios and photos of key leaders, a list of unique benefits for your products and services, and any business news and events that you feel are important.

And don’t forget to add your contact information so that media members can easily reach you. For help creating your media kit, you can always check out those of your competitors and other industry sites online.

It takes some time to create and update a good media kit. But by giving media members the information they need at any time online, you’ll be more likely to land some press and bring in new sales.