Amy Budd and Roby Wallace, owners of A&R Fresh Foods, LLC, created Rawthentic™ pet foods with a unique combination of education, experience, and intuition. Amy had her own pet treat and pet food delivery companies. She has a Bachelors of Science in Animal Science, years of experience in the clinical veterinary world, and retail experience in the pet industry. Roby has trained and worked in ecology, small business management and development, and small-scale animal agriculture.

We care very deeply about our own pets and know you care about yours. We provide a superior product for your pet that is top quality nutrition, yet still affordable and convenient.

Our company is small and privately owned. We do not answer to investors or venture capitalists. We answer to you. Our bottom line is about you and your pet.


We are a small company dedicated to animals and the people who love and care for them. We provide superior quality pet foods made from healthy, whole, bio-available food sources in convenient, safe to use packaging.

Rawthentic™ was created with a desire to feed animals what they need along with feeding them what they truly want to eat. Rawthentic™ is a unique formulation of meat, vegetables, and a small amount of quinoa (prepared in a proprietary way to mimic digestion), to meet the nutritional needs of pets.

Rawthentic™ is a unique blend of science, experience and intuition. Rawthentic™ was formulated with both the help of animal nutritionists and animal communicators. We actually interviewed panels of animals after being fed to get their responses. A little unusua—a little far-fetched for some—a little cool for others, but an amazing journey producing an amazing product that animals love.