While many entrepreneurs think of sending out a press release as the way to get media coverage, there is another way that works better. Want to know the number one secret for getting good press?

It’s picking up the phone. That’s right. By talking to media members directly, you’ll create a working relationship, be able to act as a valuable resource and help them with their stories.

To start, conduct research and find out which reporters write about your industry. Study their past and current stories. Figure out why they will be interested in your products and services and want to hear from you.

Then, contact targeted, media members directly, introduce yourself and give your pitch. If they are not interested, at least you have started a working relationship. And who knows? You may call at just the right time and have a feature story published the next day!

Getting good press coverage is all about research and providing value to specific media members. If you take the time and effort to do your homework and practice your pitch, you’ll start enjoying media attention that boosts sales, awareness and credibility fast!