You have a great idea for a business and are ready to place the “Open” sign on the door. But hold on. To ensure things go smoothly, there are many ways to get great tips, insights and help:

Talk to other business owners.
If they are successful, learn from them what they’ve done right. If they are unsuccessful, learn what you should do differently!

Turn to friends and family.
Everyone you know knows something you don’t know and they can help you in some way. And don’t forget people you’ve worked with in the past…they know how you work and can advise you on where your strengths lie.

Look into joining community business programs.
Check with your local area Chamber of Commerce, state and city government sites, and other industry groups to find out more about business programs, events and activities going on in your area.

You’ll get important information to help you with local business laws, taxes, employment issues, and more.

Check out websites set up to help new business owners.
There are many sites available that provide free information to entrepreneurs.

To start, check out,,,,,, and

You’ll be able to communicate with other business owners and experts and get fast, current data on the entrepreneurial trends that are important to you.

Many new businesses fail. But if you get timely information from the right resources, you’ll be well on your way to success!

If you have questions about your business or self-publishing, please let me know here or at I’m happy to help!