Business ideas come together for entrepreneurs in unusual ways. Our guest on this segment is no exception-Jordan Scherer was stuck in his townhouse in Chicago with a nasty cold when his roommate, Bryan Comiskey brewed a cup of tea. The healing effects of the tea led to a series of meetings over tea…which led to the creation of their new company, Wiseman Tea.

In 2009 they incorporated, and the Teas are now distributed to various location in the Chicagoland area and beyond—-joining us on the line from the windy city is Jordan Scherer, the Owner of Wiseman Tea. Welcome…

1. What is it about tea—— the flavors, the energy and the health benefits that many of us coffee drinkers just don’t know about?
2. So, the inception of Wiseman started with a series of tea-meeting with Bryan Comisky—-share the process of conversation to conversion-how did you actually start this business?
3. How did you plan to fund the business-and has that picture changed since incorporating? Bootstrapped or some funding?
4. Is there anything in terms of the roll out that you would have liked to do a bit differently?
5. Give us a sense of your resources-is this a 2 man operation or do you have employees and a facility?
6. You’re buying teas on a global scale-where are you buying from and how are you making the teas uniquely Wiseman Tea—-
7. Your tag is “Life’s Too Short to Drink Bad Tea”. What is “bad tea” —-and what’s different about Wiseman Teas?
8. One of the most difficult elements in any startup is packaging and distribution. How have you approached the matter of distribution and sales with Wiseman? Online, brick and mortar?
9. How have you leveraged social media to get the word out about Wiseman—-and how are you measuring those activities?