Clate Mask loves to turn small businesses into big businesses. His decades of experience with paper routes, door-to-door sales and start-up ventures give him the heart, entrepreneurial fire and courage to think big. His economics, MBA and law degrees give him the formal training to turn that entrepreneurial fire into a successful, revolutionary company that creates value for everyone associated with it. So, while his grad school friends pursued traditional jobs in Corporate America, Clate wanted to build small businesses.

A year before finishing grad school, Clate was bitten by the technology bug. He began working for a dot com start-up called North Sky, where he continued to work throughout school. He wrote the business plan and helped to build and sell the company to in December of 1999 for $42 million. After the acquisition, he took control of several Internet properties, converted those properties from ‘free’ to ‘fee’, created additional revenue streams and then watched the company go through another acquisition. At that point, it was time for Clate to get in on the equity game, so he joined Infusionsoft and set out to build the company to be the leading provider of Automated Follow-up Marketing solutions for small businesses (that want to become big businesses). He loves what he does at Infusionsoft and his passion can be felt the moment he starts talking.

When Clate isn’t working to build Infusionsoft, he loves to spend time with his gorgeous wife and six great kids. The balancing act can be difficult at times, but his family supports him 100% and serves as a constant reminder about what really matters in life. As much as Clate loves to write and execute a good business plan, his real joy comes from the time he spends with his family.

Clate loves to play golf (he shot his first hole-in-one on June 14, 2006!), basketball, softball and racquetball – and don’t even get him started about ping pong.

Read Clate’s e-book, “The Edge of Success: 9 Building Blocks to Double Your Sales”.