A paperboy, or papergirl, was once the quintessential American iconic job. Millions of boys and girls learned invaluable life and business lessons from loading and lugging the daily news. Past paperboys, winners in all walks of life, include Warren Buffet, Jack Welch, Martin Luther King, Jr., Sam Walton, Jerry Seinfeld, and Jackie Robinson. Rain: What A Paperboy Learned About Business recaptures the magic, the self-discipline, the on-the-job education of generations of America’s youngest entrepreneurs. A Fox innovation is The Rain Reader. The Rain Reader is an analytic that follows the story narrative enabling interested readers, and students of business, to study the varying complexities of Rain.


Jeffrey J Fox is an accomplished consultant, popular speaker and the acclaimed author of a series of hard-hitting international business best-sellers, including: Secrets of Great Rainmakers is Jeffrey’s latest title, released in February 2006.

Based on over 50 interviews with industry leaders from a wide variety of fields,
Jeffrey Fox reveals the proven techniques and hard-won wisdom that have
helped great rainmakers get ahead, along with his trademark brand of counterintuitive
insight and commentary that have made his books so popular.

How To Become A Rainmaker was published in 2000 and quickly became a
BusinessWeek and Wall Street Journal best-seller. It has become required reading
among some of the top sales organizations in the world, including Citigroup,
IBM and GE. More than four years after its publication,
RAINMAKER continues to hit the bestseller lists.

The Dollarization Discipline, co-authored with consultant Rick Gregory, was
recently named one of the Top 30 Business Books of 2005 by Soundview Executive
Book Summaries. This in-depth book explains how smart companies
can effectively “dollarize” the economic value created by their products and

How to Make Big Money in Your Own Small Business was published in May
2004. It’s crisp delivery of broad-ranging small business ideas has made it an
instant success.

How to Become a Marketing Superstar was published in May 2003 is on its way
to being another business best-seller. Its entertaining and iconoclastic marketing
insights ring true to marketers in all industries.