Part of running your small business like a well-oiled machine is choosing the right supervisor.

Not only do supervisors oversee many parts of your business, they oftentimes act as a line of communication between departments.

With superior supervision in mind, here are just a few tips for finding the right supervisor for your small business:

Hiring In-house vs. Hiring from Outside

The first decision you’ll likely need to make when hiring a supervisor for your small business is whether to do so from within or not.

Hiring a current employee has plenty of advantages, but there are also unique benefits of hiring supervisors from outside your staff.

They include:


  • Hiring Within – When you hire a supervisor from your current staff, you can rest assured the candidate already knows how your business functions on a daily basis. Likewise, hiring in-house means the supervisor will already have a working relationship with other employees at your business. This eliminates the awkward introductory phase.
  • Hiring Outside Candidates – Hiring an outside candidate is beneficial in that it can give your business a fresh perspective on the supervision process. Outside candidates come with new ideas that could help your business grow. Additionally, hiring a completely new employee will eliminate any resentment from other coworkers vying for the same supervisor position.

Once you decide which hiring route to take, there are a few tips to follow when choosing an ideal candidate.

Look for People-Person Qualities

As the following article looks at, whether you’re hiring a supervisor for your office/factory or something as specific as a Massachusetts construction supervisor job, it’s important to choose a candidate that displays people-person qualities.

Most supervisor positions require talking to employees, discussing important manners, and assigning job-related tasks. Supervisors who are friendly, communicative, and understanding of other’s feelings will make a great fit.

You can look for the qualities during the interview process by taking note of how candidates introduce themselves and handle the interview process.

If you’re hiring in-house, simply monitor your top choices and see how they interact with coworkers.

Involve the Staff

The supervisor you choose will work directly with members of your staff, which is why it’s important to involve others in the workplace. You can do so by inviting department heads to sit-in on second and third-round interviews.

Likewise, you should also let potential candidates tour your facility or office and meet employees along the way. Then, you can ask your staffers their first impressions of the supervisor candidates.

When your staff and the supervisor have a good chemistry, it creates a more efficient work environment.

Don’t Neglect Communication Skills

One of the main duties of any supervisor is effectively communicating job tasks and responsibilities to other staffers. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a candidate who has natural communication skills.

A good indication of effective communication is whether or not the candidate can answer interview questions with ease and confidence.

Someone who can clearly communicate in the moment without being distracted or perplexed will make a strong and communicative supervisor.

When you’re ready to hire a supervisor for your small business, keep in mind the tips above.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including small business management and the hiring process.