There’s much more to mobile marketing when you run a small business than setting up a Facebook page.

You’ve got to not only grow your followers and readers, but you also need to engage with them. People like social media for the activity it gives them; they feel connected.

Mobile marketing and social media are not just places to gain information and look at great photos, but also a forum to engage, reach out and feel a part of something.

Here are some great ways of engaging your readers and keep them coming back for more:

  1. Incorporate polls – This is a smart tactic for a blog or website. Your question doesn’t even really have to pertain to your business, it can be a random, every day poll to get to know your readers better. If it’s interesting, your readers will come back to see results. You can even incorporate a once a week poll – make it fun and current. Your readers will look forward to it.
  2. Offer Q & A sessions – This is an excellent use of Twitter and you can receive and answer as many questions as you want in a set time. It’s also a way for readers to spread the word about you. For instance, say you are in the nutrition field. You can hold an open question session for a set 30 minutes and readers can ask any nutrition related questions. You’ll need to get the word out before hand, and you can do that via all your social media platforms. You’ll probably gain a lot of new readers and those that you have will appreciate the time you took to engage.
  3. Use mobile marketing/text message – Here are 3 Ways publishers can use text marketing to engage with readers; see which works best for you – maybe all.

If you have a storefront, send out a text for a pop up sale. Your readers will feel like they have an inside scoop.

    Use more than words. You can add video, pictures, songs – you can be creative to reach your audience.

Make sure you confirm your subscribers. It’s easy enough. And if you can offer more, let them opt in for that, too.

  1. Blog – Blogging is a great way to connect and offer insight. Your readers can comment on your posts and offer their own advice and experience. It’s a great way to gain a community of people with shared interests.
  2. Incorporate these things together – You can send out a text message that you have a new blog post. You can use your blog page to let readers sign up for your mobile messaging.

You’ve got great tools at your ready – social media, blogging, mobile apps, marketing with texts … The list goes on.

Find what works best for you and not only what you’re comfortable with but also what your readers respond to.

Create an engaging, friendly virtual environment where everyone can feel at home when they come to your small business website.

About the Author: Heather Legg writes on a variety of topics including small business, social media and working from home.