Dick Rennick is recognized as one of the leading experts in the franchise community, and has built large scale multi-unit operations such as American Leak Detection. He also served as chairman of the International Franchise Association Educational Foundation and in 2005 became chairman of the IFA. Today, with the creation of Team Rennick, Dick is helping to provide insights, experience and possibly some shortcuts to emerging franchise company entrepreneurs.

Mentoring – My Shortcut To “Franchise My Business”

“People keep asking me to Franchise My Business – so I decided that it’s time to share what I’ve learned along the way, you know, how to franchise” said Dick Rennick to his friends one day. He had built American Leak Detection to over 360 franchise locations and had determined his next adventure: “I want to coach the young Franchise Owner and Small Business Owner to success; be their Franchise Mentor, Consultant, Coach and Guide.”

When Dick started in business, there were limited answers to the questions he had while building his monumental leak detection business. During this early growth period there was no one readily available to whom he could turn and ask for help solving the mounting franchising costs and issues. He was forced to solve them with his own indomitable will, personal drive, and intensive effort. Because of this, he has gathered enormous amounts of franchise business information that you can tap into, to build your Franchise Business and succeed.

His passion is to help people starting a franchise business to shortcut their learning curve and succeed by using his life-long business and coaching experience, insights, intuition, and franchise expertise.

Lifelong lessons were taught to him during his company’s growth period by some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and business leaders. As Isaac Newton said, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Your Coach, unlike many of the franchise expert consultants in this business, Dick Rennick actually built a business to over 360 franchise locations in 44 states and 13 foreign countries. Coach Rennick can answer your questions based upon his own hard work and hands-on effort. Some questions you may want to ask him are:

1. Should I franchise my business?
2. Can I duplicate my business nationally?
3. How do I get started, raise capital, find locations, and select the right franchisees?
4. How do I keep it going, deal with personnel, and handle the marketing and public relations?

Dick Rennick is known by many names – Franchise Expert – Franchise Coach – Franchise Consultant – Franchise Mentor. But he loves to be called “Coach”. He has answers to the above questions – and many more – that relate to all aspects of franchise development and growth.