By David Wolf / May 25, 2015

Dave Melton: Hire the American Dream

If you’re curious about how to build a loyal, dedicated team of employees with low turnover rates, high job satisfaction metrics—-all this in the Pizza Business—-our guest on this segment can help. Dave Melton joined Dominos Pizza as a delivery person in 1982, then opened his first franchise unit in 1990—-and has never looked back.

By David Wolf / May 23, 2015

The Franchise Mastermind with Dr. John P. Hayes

John Hayes has worked in the franchise community as a consultant, franchisee and franchisor since 1979. He is the author of several franchise-related books and countless articles that have appeared in media worldwide. Dr. Hayes has served as an advisor to franchisors, franchisees and small business owners internationally. His areas of expertise include management development, marketing, customer service, training, and strategic planning.

By David Wolf / March 13, 2010

Grow Your Franchise with Team Rennick

A fascinating look at franchise development with Dick Rennick, co-founder of Team Rennick.

Rennick is recognized as one of the leading experts in the franchise community, and has built large scale multi-unit operations such as American Leak Detection. He also served as chairman of the International Franchise Association Educational Foundation and in 2005 became chairman of the IFA. Today, with the creation of Team Rennick, Dick is helping to provide insights, experience and possibly some shortcuts to emerging franchise company entrepreneurs.

By David Wolf / May 23, 2009

David Timlin: Yakety Yak Wireless

Dave Timlin says there is a paradigm shift occurring in the wireless industry. He’s the CEO of Yakety Yak Wireless and has a unique perspective on the industry and where it’s heading.

By David Wolf / May 4, 2009

Franchising With Joel Libava

Our guest on this segment is an expert presenter, writer, consultant and speaker on the topic of franchising. Joel Libava is the “Franchise Expert In Residence” and columnist for the award winning Small Business Trends website, and over at the OPEN FORUM by American Express blog, joining other small business experts like Guy Kawasaki, John Battelle, and Anita Campbell.Joel is also the franchise-expert source for The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine,, Bottom Line Personal and Crain’s.

By David Wolf / February 25, 2009

How to Start a Business After 50 With Jeff Williams

Our guest on this segment of the Smallbiz Brain is an expert in helping people who are over fifty start their own businesses.

Jeff Williams is the CEO and Chief Coach for, this resource was selected by the editors of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine as “The Best Entrepreneurial Web Guide For People Over 50”.
In 2007 he launched the Virtual Incubator Coaches Network to connect experienced 50+ business start-up coaches with 50+ entrepreneurs to help them plan, launch and grow their businesses.
He’s the author of eleven workbooks, guides and DVDs on business start-up, including his newest workbook:“The Ultimate Boomer Business Start-Up Guide”.
Jeff’s a frequently contributor to Kiplinger’s,, and MSNBC.

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