Our guest on this segment believes that effective public relations is the most versatile, cost-effective component of a successful marketing program. Pat Harriman is the founder of The Harriman Group—-her company is a full-service public relations agency that designs high- impact PR programs based on the “3Bs“PR strategy—Build the Base, Build the Buzz, Build the Brand.

Here are the questions guiding this episode:

1. From your perspective, what is that many companies don’t understand about the value of PR and how to use it?
2. Many people believe that PR is all about creating and sending press releases—-but it’s really much more, isn’t it?
3. How has social media changed your approach to designing PR campaigns?
4. Your approach is based on the 3-B’s PR strategy. What is this strategy and how does it work?
a. Build the Base—-this phase includes the development of core press materials, identification of key media contacts and industry analysts, determining market position and defining strategic message points.
b. Build the Buzz —-this phase involves writing and distributing press releases, conducting proactive media relations activities, providing tradeshow support and identifying opportunities for media coverage.
c. Build the Brand—-as momentum increases, this phase focuses on continuing to expand awareness and enhancing relationships with media, analysts, partners, investors and customers by keeping them informed on the company’s activities and aligning PR strategies and activities with the company’s business model.